What is anatomic pathology?

Anatomic pathology involves microscopic tissue examination to locate disease and the potential for disease in all areas of the body. If an abnormal result is detected, the pathologist may offer recommended procedures or additional testing to confirm the result.

What types of tests does MetroPath perform?

MetroPath performs a full range of cytology, histology, and molecular pathology testing to diagnose diseases.

Is there a direct correlation between an abnormal Pap test and cervical cancer?

No. Most patients with an abnormal pap or high risk HPV test do not have cervical cancer. However, the patient may have cervical precancer or be at risk for developing cervical precancer or cancer. Prompt follow up of abnormal results with the patient’s provider is important to prevent cervical cancer from developing.

Is MetroPath fully accredited and certified?

Yes. MetroPath holds all required certifications and licenses. In addition, all of our pathologists are registered with the American Board of Pathology.

How long does it take for MetroPath to generate test results?

MetroPath is thorough and efficient with our lab services. Most results, depending on the test, are available to clinicians within one to three days. Some test results from biopsies may be available the same day.

What part does MetroPath play in the testing and treatment cycle?

At MetroPath, we perform anatomic pathology tests, analyze findings, and generate results and recommendations that we provide to your doctor or medical office. We are an integral component of your care; however, your doctor or medical office will discuss options and treatment based on test findings.

Does MetroPath offer online report access?

Yes, but our online reports are limited to physician/provider clients at this time. Clients who are registered with MetroPath may access test results and reports on our web site at any time through our password-protected online lab.

How do I file insurance or billing claims?

We offer our clients comprehensive service. Testing, insurance filing, claims, and billing all are handled internally by a MetroPath specialist.

If I become a client of MetroPath, what can I expect?

You can expect highly accurate testing aided by emerging science, combined with a superior standard of service that sets the pace for our industry.

How do I learn more?

You may refer to the various PDF brochure downloads available in this section or simply call us directly at 303-592-7284. A MetroPath representative will be happy to assist you.