anatomic pathology

Surgical pathology is the examination of tissue removed from patients for the purpose of disease diagnosis. It involves gross (macroscopic) and histologic (microscopic) examination of the tissue, using a variety of methods, which may include immunohistochemistry and molecular analysis. The diagnosis rendered after this examination provides critical information to the patient’s provider to help guide subsequent patient care.

MetroPath’s surgical pathology department serves women’s health (including gynecologic and breast pathology), dermatopathology, and general pathology.

Surgical pathology services:

  • 48-hour average turnaround time for reports
  • STAT testing
  • Frozen sections
  • Extensive immunohistochemistry menu
  • Custom reports, including the option of photomicrographs and/or microscopic descriptions
  • Comprehensive reports, including correlation of other test results
  • Consultations and second opinions on cases performed at other facilities
  • Multiple reporting options, including online access, autofax, hard copy, client printer, or through Electronic Health Record (EHR) interfaces
  • Timely communication of unexpected or clinically significant findings to providers
  • Pathologists readily available to discuss interesting or challenging cases with clinicians


If you have any questions about MetroPath’s Anatomic Pathology services, please feel free to contact us.

Director of Surgical Pathology – Mary Kenny-Moynihan, M.D.